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Maria Feodorvna was the wife of Tsar Alexander III. She helped save a life by altering a death sentence. Alexander, going through a list of suspected traitors and criminals, had written against one name, ‘pardon impossible, to send to Siberia’.

Maria changed it to ‘Pardon, impossible to send to Siberia’ and saved a life with a comma.

She saved a life by altering a death sentence with a comma! This is an extraordinary act of mercy, love and value for life. Let her life challenge you to use your influence and resources at your disposal for the good of humanity. Take pleasure in the happiness of others. Embrace peace. Let your love and giving spread beyond the borders.

Hunger is not measured by color , religion, race, or even geographic location.

Education is the right of every child, and for that to be successful, we must invest more in our health systems as there would be no quality education without quality health care system.

Security is a collective responsibility. No nation can guarantee the health or education of its citizen with an environment that is almost always in chaos.

Start with “the man in the mirror”.

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